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     Since 1996 Direct Dealer Services  has  provided New  and Used  Automobile Dealers with low cost warranties, gap, secondary financing, CPI and other products.

     We also handle the only Anti-Tamper Starter Interrupt - G P S's for Auto's, Trucks, RV's, and Big Rigs.  

   Our Modern Auto Protection warranty is the only warranty in which your customers can pick and choose their own packages according to and priced by annual mileage driven.We also have a call back program to upsell your customers if possible, and share revenue with the dealer.

    Our high-end warranty products are second to none. Example BMW 7 series, M series, Z3-Z8, Audi A6-A8, Jaguar, Land & Ranger Rovers, Most Mercedes models, Porche, V W and Volvo.

    DDSvs also has a GPS program in which you may sell an APP to your customer to recoup cost of GPS and still maintain ownership of the GPS

      If you have any questions please contact us at:

      337-540-3827 ask for Mike or

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Reasons To Consider Direct Dealer Services
               In business since 1996.                 
Outstanding Customer Service.
Warranty Vehicle's up to 20 years old,
and under 200,000 miles at date of purchase.